{***Note:   The functional application of THE INNER GAUGES will be explained in detail as part of the forthcoming podcast series in Section Two:  THE NATURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. When the podcasts relating to THE INNER GAUGES has been completed, a connective link will be posted to access this section. What follows is a condensed outline of the basic tenets comprising the three Inner Gauges.}


            “To thine own self be true...”
                                                                   Nice Idea.
                                                                   What does it mean?
                                                                   How can you tell if you are being true to yourself...?

                                                                                          — The INNER GAUGES —



            The 100% Psychologically Foolproof Guide
                                       To Inner Equilibrium In Any Circumstance


      I want to share with you a basic outline for three ‘Inner Gauges’ I've created which will assist you in adapting to
      the demands of social circumstance.
      These INNER GAUGES may seem very simple, but their applications are amazingly far reaching:
                   These ‘Inner Gauges’ are 100% psychologically foolproof!
                   There is no person living in this world who can find even one exception to these
                   Inner Gauges!
                   If accurately applied, they work every time— No exceptions!
      I'm not saying they're pretty reliable; I'm saying they're infallible!
      If you find, or can even imagine, an actual exception, then I'm wrong. Challenge them for yourself, because if they do work that well, then once you assimilate them into your own psychomotional**  vocabulary they'll prove to be invaluable tools of consciousness which should save you from a lot of unnecessary suffering and wasted vitality.

(Note:  **Psychomotional:  Is a word I created to indicate any and all levels of perception influencing the total range of interactive motion, which the functioning of the psyche is engaged in processing, in any individual, at any considered time.)


The First Inner Gauge:
                   If it feels good and you want it— whatever it is that you’re dealing with —then move
                   towards it.
                   But the moment it stops feeling good— and/or you stop wanting it ––I don’t care if it
                   was Shangri-La, Utopia, Nirvana, and multiple orgasms five minutes ago... That’s
                   fine, but that’s now past.
                   Whatever it might have been before, if it no longer feels good and/or you no longer
                   want it... Then  you stop emotionally reacting until you understand exactly what has
                   accounted for the change.
                   When you understand what has accounted for the change, reevaluate your relation
                   to it.
                   Should you continue in the same manner, or should you rearrange elements and
riorities, introduce new factors, delete old factors, wait for inspiration, or let go of
                   the whole thing?

      If you can’t figure out why and how it’s changed for you, but you persist in emotionally pushing ahead anyway, you will start to slur you psyche in the emotional distortion of fear, doubt, confusion and/or anxiety.


The Second Inner Gauge:
                   When you really understand how something works— whether it's a machine, a
                   puzzle, a system, a technique, or the workings of your own mind...  
                   When you really understand how something works...
                                                                                                           ––Then you have control over it!
                   It's clear, simple, direct, and it works every time— no exceptions! You can pick it up,
                   put it down, rearrange it, leave it alone; the choice is yours to control.
                   When you don't understand how something works— no matter what you think or feel
                   — no matter who you can out talk, con, seduce, bully, sell, maneuver, manipulate...
                   When you don't understand, you're controlled by your ignorance. And if you insist
                   that what you think or feel is true, you will start to experience inner distortion in the
                   form of fear, doubt, confusion and anxiety.
                   The reason we get into trouble is not just because we don't understand... ––After all,
                   life is a learning process!
                   The reason we get into trouble is because we believe we have an understanding
                   before we do.
                   We fake it, we fudge it! We come up with a point of view. Then we become dull,
                   coarse, gross, armored and insensitive in the process of defending our position;
                   because we don't want to look at anything that might make us wrong.
                   The easiest way to get out of this trap is, when you are not understanding...
                   That is, when you are experiencing any degree of fear, doubt, confusion, or anxiety
                   you must realize to yourself:
                                                                     "There is something here that I don't understand!"
                   If you don't understand, then... ––You don't understand! You may have more facts
                   and figures, amounting to a better opinion than anyone else in the world.      
                   Circumstances may require that you follow through with that opinion. But you'll only
                   get into psychomotional difficulty when you start defending an opinion as though it
                   were an understanding.
                   If this is not the answer, or at least not all of it, then what is missing?
                   You come off your defensively aggressive pedestal. You become open, sensitive,
                    receptive— You pay attention!
                    As in that state of open receptive attentiveness you are in the best position to see
                    what is actually going on, to gain the understanding that you need, to afford you the
                    control you've been seeking.



The Third Inner Gauge:
                   Make the best you have ever known the least you will accept!
                   Make your ceilings your floors and new ceilings will open up unto you... eternally...
                   Make the best you have ever known the least that you will accept; and do not
                   confuse the state of mind obtained with the person, place, thing, or situation that
                   seems to be coincidentally facilitating your access.

      You’ve known moments when your mind is extremely alert to almost computer-like sharpness; you’ve had moments when your body is extremely vital; you’ve known moments when you’re almost irresistibly dripping with sexual magnetism; you’ve known moments when you’re so inwardly centered and calm that nothing can adversely disturb you.
      Use these attainments of peak functioning as an inner feedback system for gauging your decisions. So that whatever you are doing will allow you to at least maintain these high states of mental-physical acuity.
      Every time you open to an even more expansively functional state, that in turn will become the new bottom line for the least you’ll accept.


      The First Inner Gauge is designed to keep you from getting into trouble within yourself.
      The Second Inner Gauge will enable you to get out of the troubles you’ve caused yourself by defensively locking into the denied misunderstandings in your mind.
      The Third Inner Gauge will let you safely and comfortably adapt your evolutionary unfoldment.

      The key to successfully utilizing these ‘Gauges’ is absolute self honesty. Even if circumstances require that you lie to someone else, you must never be anything but honest with yourself. And these ‘Gauges’ will make it easy for you to be able to do so.
      If used properly, they will keep you from ever again getting lost within yourself; and keep you from wasting your precious energy; while saving you a lot of aggravation.
      While they sound simplistic, together their operations are far reaching and impeccably comprehensive.